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STANYO ELECTRONICS SDN BHD (formerly known as Tanyo Electrical Trading Company) was incorporated back in 1985 in Klang, Malaysia. Our company specializes in the import, export as well as the wholesale of audio swiftlet systems. With 15 years of experience under our belt in this industry, we are proud to say that Stanyo has become well-known in Southeast Asia for our own brands, which include Nestamp, Audax and Swallow. Stanyo Electronics has continuously created and innovated new products throughout the years, in order to enhance our customer satisfaction and experience. Currently, we are privileged to supply more than 1500 satisfied clients across the Southeast Asia region with our unique products.

Nestamp Moisture Meter M222

Nestamp Float F-240

Swiftlet Horn Tweeter

Swiftlet Piezo Tweeter

Swiftlet Humidifier

Swiftlet Amplifier

Nestamp Float F-600

Vetus Tweezer ST-11

Nestamp Vent Cap E-039

Xstop Electric Fence Energizer BA80

Swallow Staples 1014F (14mm)

Swallow Staple Gun Tacker For Plastic Staples JY-550A

Nestamp Condenser C-100

Nestamp AC Fan NA-120HAS

Nestamp Ultrasonic Misting M-060 (6 Heads)

Swallow Sound Piezo Tweeter SB-120

Elseve Piezo Tweeter PZ-8

Nestamp Piezo Tweeter NX-2

Audax Piezo Tweeter AX-60

Swallow Sound Horn Tweeter SHD-210

Swiftlet Horn Tweeter Klang

Swiftlet Piezo Tweeter Klang

Swiftlet Humidifier Klang

Swiftlet Amplifier Klang

Nestamp Float F-620

Vetus Tweezer ST-15

Nestamp Vent Cap E-039N

Xstop Electric Fence Energizer EL90

Swallow Staples T15 (15mm)

Swallow 3 Way Staple Gun Tacker JY-821

Nestamp Condenser C-200

Nestamp AC Fan NA-120HASW

Nestamp Ultrasonic Misting M-0103 (10 Heads)

Swallow Sound Piezo Tweeter SB-140

Nestamp Piezo Tweeter NX-5

Elseve Piezo Tweeter PZ-12

Audax Piezo Tweeter AX-61

Swallow Sound Horn Tweeter SHD-220

Swiftlet Horn Tweeter Selangor

Swiftlet Piezo Tweeter Selangor

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